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Teen Court is a diversion program to Family Court for first time juvenile offenders’ with misdemeanor charges. It is a voluntary alternative to the Family Court for first-time juvenile offenders’ ages 10-17 years old. It is way for the offenders to learn from their mistake and maintain a clean criminal record.

Youth who decide to have their case heard in Teen Court have:

  • admitted guilt to their crime
  • attend a court hearing
  • receive sentencing by a jury of their peers


  • Keeps a clean juvenile record
  • Gain knowledge of the judicial system
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Have the opportunity to earn high school credit by volunteering
  • Enjoy peer time over pizza and soda
Who makes up the court?

The court is made up of a judge, attorneys, a clerk, a bailiff and a jury. Attorneys, clerks, bailiffs and sometimes even the judge positions are done by teens. Sentencing always includes community service and jury duty.

Three Locations

Hilo is held every Wednesday.
Waimea and Kona are on alternating Mondays.
All courts are held from 5:00 pm to around 6:30 pm.

Global Youth Justice

YWCA of Hawaii Island Teen Court Program has partnered with Global Youth Justice Inc. Global Youth Justice Inc. Provides up to date trainings on the latest trends and news on youth and restorative justice. ​YWCA of Hawaii Island Teen Court Director, Amanda Quinn is a founding board member for Global Youth Justice Inc since June 2016. Learn more, visit Global Youth Justice.

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