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So, you probably have noticed, getting arrested causes a lot of work! These resources on the website are for you to use to complete your work and keep up on your requirement so you don’t end up in Family Court. After your hearing you were giving your sentencing requirements.

  • Jury Time
  • Community Service
  • Peaks Choices
  • Anger Management Assessment
  • Drug and Alcohol Assessment


Ask Amanda Quinn

Jury Time

You must participate in the process for others as a jury of your peers.

Theft, Shoplifting or Tresspassing Cases

Cases involving Theft, Shoplifting or Tresspassing are assigned Peaks Choices assignments.

    • Type in the password that has been provided to you (it’s in your paperwork)
    • Do the required assignments

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that we can see your answers! Do not put text speak (idk, w/e, bc) are not acceptable. Do not put random text as answers or anything innapropriate. Doing any of the following may result in having to redo the assignment, write apology letter for wasting our time/your time and of course a long boring lecture.

Community Service

Teen Court works with several Community Service Sites in Hilo, Waimea and Kona.

Community service sites change phone numbers, locations, employees often so some of the information may not be up to date. Be helpful and let us know if any information is incorrect.

If you know of a site that you want to do community service at but it is not listed, call us 808-969-7838 and let us know! We will be happy to speak with you about adding it to our resources.

Drug Related Cases

Cases with any drug related charges are assigned a Drug and Alcohol Assessment.

Fighting, Arguing or Harrassment Cases

Cases involving fighting, arguing or harrassment are assigned an Anger Management Assessment.

What’s my Status?

At anytime Teen Court can have anywhere between 20-60 cases at a time. During court we don’t have your case on hand. If you want to know the updated status of your case please give us a call when we are at the office.

We dont know your status until you turn in your paperwork!

Chances are you were asked to complete community service. You may have also been assigned to do counseling , complete Peaks, or write a paper (Check in with one of the Amandas if you dont remember what you were assigned).

The Amanda’s are not psychic, we do not know when you completed your hours, your assignment or your counseling.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you turn in your paperwork showing that you completed your requirements in a timely fashion.

You have several ways you can turn in your paperwork.

Option 1: Carrier Pigeon/Falcon, train a bird to deliver your paperwork to our office

Option 2: Mail (yes people still use mail) Put your paperwork in an envelope and address it to 1382 Kilauea Ave. Hilo, HI 96785. If you are unsure of how to use this ancient technology visit this website on how to address an envelope.

Option 3: Fax. Again this machine is not complicated, but may be considered strange to a post millenial generation. Visit your local Office Max, FedEx or Aunty’s office and send the fax to 808-961-9140

Option 4: Email! Email your paperwork to  or Please send it as a .doc/.docx/or pdf file. You can also copy and paste your text into the body of the email.

Lastly, Option 5: Bring your paperwork to court (or our Hilo office) and hand it in to one of the Amandas. Please make sure your name is written somewhere on the paper because chances are by the end of court we will not remember who turned in what.

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