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Teen Court is always looking for both teen and adult volunteers to keep this program running.

  • Meet new people
  • Learn about the judicial system
  • Support and strengthen families

Youth Volunteers

We are always on the look out for Teen Volunteers! Whether you are required to complete hours for school or just want to volunteer for a day or two, we can always use the help. We have locations in Waimea, Kona and Hilo. We take 10 y/o -17 y/o volunteers.  There are a lot of reasons you should volunteer! Here are some of the top reasons Teen Court is the best place to volunteer at:

  • Youth have the opportunity to earn high school credit/Service Learning Credit through some schools
  • You get to sit in on real life court cases, and be part of a courtroom
  • You can request training on how to be a judge, state attorney or defense attorney!
  • We hold several other workshops, community projects and activities that you can join in on. This includes Arts & Crafts, working with kids and getting prepared for life after High School.
  • Fun to do
  • Boost your college resume
  • Meet new people
  • The best for last, free pizza and soda at the end of each court case!

For more information on Teen Court or volunteer applications, please contact Amanda Quinn at 808-969-7838.

Adult Volunteers

If you are an adult who wants to give back to the community and help our next generation, give us a call. We accept adult volunteers for a variety of events and for Teen Court itself.  Adult volunteers help by supervising youth, set up of the courtroom, moderating jury duty discussion and on occassion facilitating a group activity.

  • Sample Volunteers Needed:
  • Part time adult facilitators
  • Shifts at annual events
  • Guest speakers
  • Adults who have a trade/story/or activity to share
  • Help with food drives
  • Work on continous projects
  • Mentor life skills – how to sew, how to change a tire or cook food
  • Experience in the legal system, police officer, retired attorney


If you are a nonprofit organization and would like to be a community service site, give us a call. We have annual projects such as food drives that we can use some additional help with. There are continous projects and once a year projects that you can help out with!

  • Animal Shelter Project
  • Mock Interview Practice
  • Prom Dress Drive
  • Rummage Sale
  • Project Hawaii Events
  • Scholarships

How do I Volunteer?

You can just show up!
Hilo-Every Wednesday

Kona/Waimea-Alternating Mondays

Call 808-969-7838 for other options

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